Jan 26

Hello, me again…

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I thought I would give you a bit more info from the main man!! That’s me by the way!!

The best bit is when Rob, our pack leader, or Brogan, takes us in groups out onto the field and we play chase and he throws balls for us. He sometimes tries to play hide and seek with us but we always find him!

We go out first thing in the morning whilst Sally prepares our breakfast. Mine is always as good as I get at home. It tastes the same as well.

We know when breakfast is ready though because Sally comes out to the field and plays with us as well. We always have a race in the mornings to see who can get to the door first when its time to come in.

Whilst Sally serves our breakfast, Rob and Brogan air our beds and hoover and clean our rooms.
Once we have finished breakfast we go into our freshly made beds for a snooze or listen to the background music until lunchtime, when we can go out onto the field again.

After our run on the field at lunch time, some guests have their lunch, and the rest of us have a treat, or one of these toy things like a ball where you have to play with it to get your treats out. That is quite fun, and by the time I get my treats out and have a snooze its time to go out again.

After our dinner, we have a quiet time and Brogan turns off the music and we stay indoors and chill out. Rob and Sally come over at night then and we can go out to do our business before they tuck us up and give us a treat. Then its lights out!

The other day when we were out on the field I had a good old roll around and got dirty, so Brogan took me off for a bath. It was sooooo good, and I loved the smelly stuff she sprayed on me!! I am sure little Millie in the next room was winking at me!! I may just have to have a roll again next time I am in ha-ha – Sshhh don’t tell Brogan!

I have made lots of friends at Orestocks and I quite often bump into them when I am out walking with Mum and Dad.
Anyway, all this typing is making me tired, and it’s nearly playtime again, so I will say bye for now and hope that I meet you here soon. Drop by and say hello, you will normally find me in room 9!


2nd in Command